Costa Rica Kimura Trap System 7 Day Retreat
June 16th - June 22nd in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

RETREAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED! We will announce our next one shortly :)

Instructor: David Avellan

Co-Founder of FFA, BJJ Black Belt, ADCC World Championships 5xVeteran and 2009 Bronze Medalist, BodogFIGHT of the Night Winner, Creator of the World Famous Kimura Trap System

Since its debut in 2011, the Kimura Trap System has flourished in the BJJ and MMA world. BJJ stars like Keenan Cornelius, DJ Jackson, Nyjah Rollins, and Bellator Champ Phil Davis have all used it to win big matches.

Now, you will get the chance to do the same! This retreat is 7 days long, with 2 classes each day. Each class is 1.5 hours long, for a total of 15 hours of instruction. We will go over a TON of techniques from the Kimura Trap System. It is friendly for all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Whether you are a new white belt, or a 3rd degree black belt, you WILL learn new ways of utilizing the Kimura.

What You Are Going To Learn:

  • Kimura Mastery - Whether you are a white belt or a black belt - YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING NEW about the Kimura. I have had the honor of training with UFC World Champions, ADCC World Champions, and many BJJ Black belts that were stunned with how much they learned from this seminar.
  • Take Down Counters - Wrestlers can be the bane of a BJJ fighters existence. The Kimura Trap System has MANY counters to all forms of shots, back takes, and cage take downs. When you master KTS, you will find no one will want to shoot on you anymore for fear of the Kimura Trap.
  • Submission Hunters - The Kimura Trap System has one inevitable conclusion - submission. Whether it is a Kimura, arm bar, triangle choke, rear naked choke, leg lock, wrist lock, omo plata, or crucifix - you will find a way to get your opponent tapping out.
  • Transition Skills - The Kimura Trap System is a controlled transition, where you know everything that will happen 3-5 steps ahead of your opponent. There are so many ways to start it, that it will give your transition game a whole new level.
  • Game Planning - When starting out with the martial arts, it can be hard to know what strategy to execute, or even how to develop such a strategy. The Kimura Trap System is a fully fleshed out game plan that requires no thinking - just follow the steps to the finish.
  • All Ages, Genders, And Body Types - The great thing about the Kimura is that it is not tailor made for one specific body type. KTS can work for you whether you are long and tall, short and stocky, flexible or stiff, young or experienced.

Training in a Tropical Paradise

We will be on the west coast of Costa Rica in Tamarindo. Everything you need to enjoy a dream vacation is at your finger tips. We will be staying in a cozy condo together that has a full kitchen, laundry, pool, fitness center, BBQ pits, and is just a few minutes away from the beach (.5 mile) and all sorts of bars and restaurants (.4 miles). Oh, and of course our training facility is just a short walk away (.1 miles). :)

Everything is walking distance from our lodging (Leora Pacifico)

Besides training, you will have a lot of activities to keep you entertained. Surfing, paddle boarding, spear fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cruises, horseback riding, cruising in ATVs, hiking, white water rafting, zip lining, sky diving...have we covered enough yet? :) And yes, you will have plenty of time to enjoy them between training sessions.

You will need a lot of energy to fuel you, so we will provide a complimentary catered breakfast in your room every day. For lunch and dinner, you will have your be able to choose from a wide variety of restaurants in town with all sorts of cuisines. There should be something for everyone to enjoy. And if you prefer to prepare your own meals, you have a full kitchen at your disposal in your condo.

Retreat Schedule:

Sunday, 6/16/2019

  • Fly into Costa Rica from Liberia Airport (LIR)
  • Transfer to Tamarindo
  • Check into your condo
  • Enjoy Costa Rica! No official training on this day, so it is a good to enjoy and take part in some activities

Monday, 6/17/2018 through Friday, 6/21/2019

  • Training officially begins. Example of the daily schedule below:
  • 7:30am: Complimentary Breakfast served in Condos
  • 9:00am - 10:30am: Morning Training
  • 10:30am - 7:00pm: Free time for relaxation or day trip activities
  • 7:00pm - 8:30pm: Evening Training
  • After 8:30pm: Free time for dinner or a night out on the town :)

Saturday, 6/22/2018

  • Training is over :(
  • Pack your bags and check out
  • If you have a late flight, get some more activities in!
  • Transfer to airport for departure
  • Safe flight home


"I just finished the seminar with Master Avellan - Incredible! I have been to numerous seminars in the past 7-8 years with Master Chim. I have been to seminars with Marcello Garcia, Jeff Glover, a bunch of them. Not to say they are no good, but this is hands down, the best seminar I have ever been to."

Rock Starr - BJJ Purple Belt

“Amazing seminar! Basically, a game changer. If you are having trouble finishing the kimura, trouble setting up the kimura, or having trouble defending takedowns, this is the system that will improve your game and have you catching kimuras from all different angles, have you defending takedowns, taking people’s back and finishing with a one arm choke.”

Patrick Kelly - BJJ Black Belt Instructor

I just finished the David Avellan seminar – awesome seminar! The Kimura Trap is the new evolution of Jiu Jitsu. It is awesome and I can’t wait to start using it in competition…Jiu Jitsu is always changing – this is definitely the next step. Anybody who is not doing this is going to be back a whole notch so I highly recommend David Avellan’s Kimura Trap. Check it out!”

Jeff Cressman - BJJ Brown Belt Instructor

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This retreat is limited to 20 students because we want to make sure everybody gets plenty of attention. We believe that all of ours students should get personalized attention to address any questions and make sure they fully understand the techniques taught. When the spots are gone, they are gone.

Do you want to have a powerful submission you can count on from every position possible in combat, and be many moves ahead of your opponent in any transition?

Join us for the Costa Rica Kimura Trap System Retreat and become a submission hunter and transition master while having a blast enjoying a natural paradise!